Monday, May 29, 2006

What is dada?

Digital Dada is dada for the 21st Century. But, “What is dada to me?” is the question afoot. What dada was, will be, or is to anyone else is irrelevant to this point. Dada cannot be argued, only invented, and, in this case, reinvented.

Dada is…
simply stated yet full of contradiction
pretentiously unpretentious
indispensable but useless
relevant without meaning
understanding everything without knowing anything important
the afterglow of tortured thought
the power to do nothing and make shit happen
a lonely inward leaning reaching out to others
passive amidst the raging revolution it engenders
humanizing in an automated society
a luminous cry shattering the dark silence of convention
a tsunami of clarity pushing forward the twisted nightmare of the unconscious
a breath of peace eyeing the hurricane of self-destruction
perennial suicide and perpetual rebirth
the joy that leaps from my heart each time I die anew


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Sunday, May 28, 2006

I May Be Out of My Mind

I may be out of my mind but I am not sure what else to call it. Boom boom & it's DaDa! DaDa is something you make for no good reason that has not been made before.

I did my first digital art piece in the Fall of 2005 primarily by accident. I was trying to design a back cover for my last book of poetry, Where We Reach, & 10 hours later I was staring at Where We Reach Digital Accident #1. My son & my girlfriend said they thought it might be art , but I am still not sure. Maybe it was Digital Dada.

Since then I have been hooked and have done shows with traditional artists with whom I felt like some kind of freak. I mean I can't paint & I can't draw but I could put stuff up on canvas in half the time & print as many copies as I cared to. I was even starting to feel guilty about it. Then it occurred to me that digital dadaists could totally revolutionize the art scene with explosive creativity & the internet distribution of our work.

We just need to ban together and share the discoveries we make down our electronic paths of creativity. Hence the idea for a free collaborative gallery and the formation of an internet community of digital creators. Welcome cyber brothers and sisters, you no longer need to feel isolated in your computer creativity or entrapped by the conventions of traditional art. Welcome to Digital Dada Land.


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