Monday, May 29, 2006

What is dada?

Digital Dada is dada for the 21st Century. But, “What is dada to me?” is the question afoot. What dada was, will be, or is to anyone else is irrelevant to this point. Dada cannot be argued, only invented, and, in this case, reinvented.

Dada is…
simply stated yet full of contradiction
pretentiously unpretentious
indispensable but useless
relevant without meaning
understanding everything without knowing anything important
the afterglow of tortured thought
the power to do nothing and make shit happen
a lonely inward leaning reaching out to others
passive amidst the raging revolution it engenders
humanizing in an automated society
a luminous cry shattering the dark silence of convention
a tsunami of clarity pushing forward the twisted nightmare of the unconscious
a breath of peace eyeing the hurricane of self-destruction
perennial suicide and perpetual rebirth
the joy that leaps from my heart each time I die anew


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Blogger Bruce Deitrick Price said...

One could say that digital is just a fancy tool, like oils, air brush or camera; in this respect, it's not dada. But digital has a uniquely huge capacity for creating surprises. And there digital gets very surreal or dadaist. As I worked in digital for several years, I started--more and more--trying to control what was happening. All the same, I constantly go back to chance and craziness. So, in MD's terms, I guess I'm a demi-dada.

1:41 PM  

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